Monthly Automation report sends out last months data


I have a simple automation that looks at an employee sheet. On the 1st day of each month at 10am Central a report is sent to my email that SHOULD show the current months work anniversaries. However, every month I receive the email on the first of the month and it shows the PRIOR month anniversaries.

Within the sheet I am using the following formula in a column labeled Anniversary Month. Based on this the column should change to yes at 12:01AM on the first day of each month. When I open the sheet the Anniversary Month shows YES or NO accordingly.

=IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = MONTH([Hire Date]@row), "YES", "NO")

The automation simply looks for "Yes" in the Anniversary Month Column and should send me the Names and hire dates of each person.

Anyone know why the report sends prior months data? Does the sheet Anniversary Month column only update when the sheet is opened? How can I resolve this issue as I do not wat to open the sheet each month for the correct data to send.



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