Dashboard: Donut Chart Creation Troubleshooting


Issue A. I am trying to use an old dashboard template and I have to pull information from a sheet to a report to get a specific location YTD total counts. The issue is I cannot select the pie chart and now may chart widget shows the data cannot be charted. Can you help?

Goal for Chart Needed

Steps Done: from sheet made a report and from report tried to graph the above

In Dashboard "Add Data" from old chart 20221 to 2022 report

  1. When I could pull from my 2022 report could not select pie chart
  2. Can't pull from 2022 report now

Issue B Modified the report to select a different location with mock information and now included location on report. The donut is now showing a percentile but not sure where that is coming from when I need to show total amounts.

What is being displayed

Where I am pulling from report and is being displayed

Can anyone aid?

Thank you.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin


    Issue A:

    For your first question, when you say you can't graph the data, do you mean that you see the Pie and Donut chart types greyed out? If this is the case, it may be because all of your source data is 0. Pie and Donut charts require at least one numerical value in order to display data. (See: Create a Chart for a Dashboard under the heading "Select your Chart Type").

    For example, I have a number of rows with 0 and you can see that in a Column chart it says "no data to display" and the Pie and Donut charts are greyed out.

    Issue B:

    For your second chart, this is a setting that you can adjust!

    It's in the right-hand menu, under Pie Chart & Series, select "amount" from the dropdown menu: