Multi-Project Dashboards


I'm maintaining some multi-project dashboards and running into some problems with dynamic cells.

Currently we have "Metrics" documents for each project. These documents contain cells that link to our timeline documents. For example: A cell may contain Phase I Health Status - and the cell value links to the Phase I health line in the timeline document.

That works well for single project dashboards, but for multi-project dashboards the workflow has been to copy lines from the single project Metrics pages into our mutli-project dashboard metric page.

The problem I am encountering is if I select a line in a Metrics doc and select "Copy to another sheet" - it moves the current values of the cells only, not the links.

Same thing happens if I try to manually copy cells. I also encounter an error if trying to copy many cells - apparently there is a limit of 50 cells.

Our current workflows are reliant on these Metrics documents, and being able to copy lines - and retain link information - is pretty important. Is there any way to do this?

Alternatively, is there a better workflow??


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @zsweeny

    You can copy and paste cell data from one sheet to another and maintain the cell linking by using the Paste Special option. You would need to copy/paste by navigating from within the same browser tab in order to Paste Special. See: Tips for Using Copy and Paste

    However I can understand that this may be a bit of manual work. Instead, what about using a Report to consolidate data from across all of your Metrics documents into one, multi-project Metric Report? Reports are like a window to the underlying sheet so the Cell Link will stay linked. You can then embed this data into a Dashboard using the Report Widget, too.