I Can't Copy/Paste text out of an Automation. Anyone else?

I've discovered an infuriating bug (?) or complication with dealing with automations in smartsheets.

I have a variety of automations in a key sheet that have email alerts for certain contacts. in these emails I have a link, specifically to a dynamic view but that is irrelevant, that I am trying to copy out of the body of the email and into a separate document. I can highlight the link and copy it, either by using ctrl+c or by right-clicking for the dropdown and selecting 'copy', but when I go to paste it [again using either meathod], all I get is the previous thing I'd copied. I went back and paid close attention when doing the copying and found that the act of selecting copy [by either means] deselects me out of the text box, undoing my highlighting and therefore, I think, copying nothing.

Is this just a me thing or a known complication with text in automations? I've been having this problem for a few days now and restarting my computer doesn't seem to help. Frankly, I'd be happy with confirmation that other people are having a similar problem, as I can work around it.



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