Alert a form user

I am wanting to alert a form user when their request is complete.

So the user submits a form for their requested service. We have a status column in the grid. When the status is changed to complete, I would like the user who submitted the form to receive an alert. Is this possible?

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    If you require your submitters to be logged into Smartsheet, then their login is captured in a system column called "Created By", which is populated behind the scenes and visible/workable in your sheet by adding it as a system column. Then just create an automation rule to email the created by user when status changes to Complete. (When you add this Created By column to an existing sheet, the created by data for the existing rows is populated automatically.)

    If you aren't requiring submitters to login, you can either create a Contact List field with dropdown user choices for them to select their name/email on the form, or add an email field and require them to enter an email address for confirmation. Then of course have your automation rule alert go to that contact or email adress.


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