I have the following columns that are linked to another smartsheet:

Citrix Status - Network Status - PC Status - Phone Status - Completion Date

When all columns have the "Complete" status, the Completion Date will register the date of last row that changed to "complete" status.

NOTE: The Record a date automated workflow only registers for manual update. When the column is updated via linked to another smartsheet that updates the "complete" won't work using the date automation. I already tested many times and reported as a bug.

Below is the example that Automated workflow didn't work when is updated via link:

The columns that I have are: Location, Citrix Status, Network Status, PC Status, Phone Status all updated liked to another smartsheet and final the Completion date.

I need a formula something like this:

=IF([Citrix Status]@row = "Complete", IF([Network Status]@row = "Complete", IF([PC Status]@row = "Complete", IF([Phone Status]@row = "Complete", .........something to register the date BUT the date in Completion Date cannot change every time I open the smartsheet. Also, if the formula already registered a date but one of the columns changes from "Complete" to something else, the date from "Completion Date" has to disappear. The formula needs to be converted to column formula so every row can have the "Completion Date" registered.

I really appreciate all your help very much since I am stuck on this.

Thank you so much!🙏




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