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I have created a source sheet and a destination sheet, and I have set up an automation on the source that triggers when rows are added or changed. The automation copies over row changes from the source to the destination sheet which is what I want. However, when the automation runs, it copies the edited row from the source and adds it to the bottom of the destination sheet. Is there a way to have it append or replace the old row with the updated data on the destination sheet? Rather than create a whole new row at the bottom of the sheet?



Destination Row1: ABC-ABC|DEF-DEF|


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @HarryS

    Yes! The way that duplicate entries are handled will be based on your config settings in the DataMesh workflow. You can choose to "ignore entires" or to "pick first match".

    If you pick the 1st match and have the data overwrite values, then it will update the row that has the same lookup value across sheets.

    See Combine or Refine Data Sets with DataMesh

    If you'd like some help setting up your workflows, it looks like your account has access to booking Pro Desk sessions. These are 30-minute coaching sessions where you can share your screen and receive advice on your configuration. Here's the page where you can book this, under the second Category of Premium Apps:



  • HarryS
    HarryS ✭✭

    Thank you SO much! I will give this a try today. :)