Automatically Create Report with Single Row Data?



Is it possible to use Smartsheet to automatically create a single row report and mail a viewable link?

Use Case is similar to getting a package tracking number where the end user can view realtime progress on it with the unique link/identifier

Below is the idea I have sketched out, but I have not found a way with the capabilities of Smartsheet to implement something like this:

Any ideas?

Thank you.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @towkay_cm_pancrazi

    Smartsheet can send out an automated email when a row is submitted, however the tricky thing will be automatically keeping the data live without sharing any other information from the sheet.

    You could send a Publish Link of the Report to your user, but then anyone looking at that link will see the same thing. This means you'd need to generate separate reports per row that's submitted, and then manually include that unique Published link in the email. See: Share or Publish Your Report

    Another option would be to have a Report that lists all submissions and statuses, then let the user know they can search for their specific ID within the total report.

    If your plan has it, Dynamic View may be a good solution for you, however you would need to know the domains of the users filling out the forms in order for them to see the associated rows.