Is there any way to inactivate a task in Smartsheet?


I'd like to see what dates, etc. look like with and without a task or set of tasks included in my project. In other software I would inactivate the task or tasks. How can I do something similar in Smartsheet?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Erik123

    There currently isn't a way to toggle on certain rows as "Active" or "Inactive" in a Project Sheet. You could use Conditional Formatting for a visual representation in the sheet, but it won't affect your Gannt chart or the way that tasks follow after each other.

    What I would personally do in this scenario is set up a Baseline on this sheet to lock in my original planned Start and End dates. Then you could adjust your actual tasks, the ones you don't necessarily need, to be Milestones with a duration of 0, linked to a task above.

    Then all of your following rows will adjust based on following after the task above your "milestones" and you can compare the two timelines in the Gantt view with the Baseline Line showing you the previously planned tasks. See: Set Baselines on a Project Sheet and Keep Your Projects on Track with Baselines