How can I use a calculated duration that uses my own formula?

I want to use my own formula to calculate duration. I've added a Calculated Duration column, but I can't select that column in my project settings. What governs what column you can select for your duration column?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Erik123

    You are correct: you cannot place a formula in the Duration column if you're using that column in your Project Settings for Duration (see: Areas where formula use is restricted). This is because the sheet already applies a background formula to that column - if you select a Start and End date, the Duration will populate based on the Working Days set in your Project Settings.

    You can add another, regular column in your sheet to perform calculations and determine durations, but this column cannot then be selected in your Project Settings. Please let the Product team know of your use-case and why you would like to have formulas in this column by filling out this form, here.