Placeholder for Start/End Dates


I've discovered that the % Complete column will only take into account rows with populated Task Start/End Dates - but this gives a distorted view of how much of the project is complete in the Parent Row.

Is there a placeholder date or workaround I can use without making my own % Complete column using formulas?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Dayle_Taylor

    The Parent Rollup percentage is a weighted percentage that takes into account the duration of your rows in order to give a more accurate % complete. See: Parent Rollup Functionality

    For example, a task row that only takes 1 day will roll up as a much smaller percent of your overall tasks versus a task row that has a duration of 100 days:

    See how my top Parent Task has an overall % complete of 1%, even though 1/2 tasks is set to 100%? This is because the duration is very small compared to my 100 day duration second task.

    If you want blank rows to be counted in the % Complete Rollup at the top, you'll need to assign dates/durations that identify the weight of that task (how important is it for the overall top Parent row?)

    Let me know if that helps explain the functionality a bit better!