Office Timeline Synce with Smartsheet to update existing timeline?


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If I have imported a Smartsheet plan to Office timeline and want to update it (e.g SF times changing, added tasks etc); is there a way to refresh the data or sync it with Smartsheet or do you have to import a new timeline every time?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Karlien Miles

    Based on what I can see from the Office Timeline user guide, it sounds like you will need to import a new timeline each time you have updates you want to pull over.

    I found another Community thread from a few years ago that has a possible solution, where you export Smartsheet to an Excel Document and then use this as the source for your Timeline, see: Smartsheet Office Timeline



  • Kristi M

    If you use MS Office Timeline Pro+, there is a "Refresh Data" icon in the Office Timeline Pro+ menu that allows all changes from the underlying SmartSheet timeline or report to automatically update in your existing slide. All formatting will be retained in the slides. Just be sure to "save" any changes to the source Sheet or Report before hitting the "Refresh Data" button.