Created a report - would like to use that report on my dashboard

I am the owner of the report -but the report is not showing up for me on the dashboard of which i'm also an owner. pls assist



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sborror

    Are you using the Report Widget to try and find this item in your Smartsheet account? If you're using the Report Widget and you can't see your report, is it possible that the item you've created is actually a Sheet type of Smartsheet item and not a Report?

    Reports will show in your folder with an Orange Icon, whereas Sheets will have a Blue icon:

    If your item has a blue icon, then this won't be able to be selected in a Report widget. You will need to create a Report first, then you can select it in the Report widget, see: Build a row report

    If your plan has access to it, you could Publish the sheet instead, then use the Web Content Widget to display it on your Dashboard.

    Let me know if this is the issue or not! If not, it would be helpful to see screen captures, but please block out sensitive data.