Cannot find new address for a contact from an automation or sheet


We did not want emails to go to external contacts, so "tricked the system" by creating contacts with the same internal email address:


Contact 1 :

Contact 2:

Recently, smartsheet blocked this approach and does not let us create multiple contacts with the same email address. Has anyone else noticed this?

Our Problem: We can change Contact 1 and Contact 2 addresses in order to create a Contact 3 with the address BUT when we try to add Contact 3 as a recipient in an automation or a contact in a Sheet, the automation only finds Contact 1 with the original address of

How can the contacts information be updated in "my contacts" but not available in an automation or contact column?

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  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    You can try enabling 'allow multiple contacts per cell' and therefore selecting contact x as well as contact 1 for each row.

  • Just_Chris

    For automation notifications:

    Alternatively you could add a new column called "contact area" (or other name) with 2 options for internal/external, and then set any automations to only email "if contact area one of....'internal'".

    For general sheet notifications go to automations>cog symbol in upper right(settings)>pick who can receive notifications

  • Pam Grant

    When I allow multiple contacts per cell, I can choose any of the contacts with the same address but when I try to add the second contact with the same address, smartsheet doesn't recognize it

    Note: multiple contacts is not a solution - this column needs to be one contact only for card sorting and grouping in reports.

    My issue seems to be with My contact list not being available in columns or automations.

  • Pam Grant
    Pam Grant ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I've been informed by Smartsheet support staff that my issue with Contacts is a bug they are working on resolving.