Conditional cell locking/unlocking

Hi there,

I saw an older article (2019) noting conditional field locking not possible but I figured I'd check in including a specific use case.

Scenario: Employees belong to one of 8 labour groups however only 3 of the 8 allow a certain type of pension processing to take place.

  • Column 1 is the employee name
  • Column 2 is the labour group (cells have 8 different values in a drop down)
  • Column 3 gets filled out with a date when the specific pension plan action takes place, driving a workflow that triggers an email to specific workgroups. This should only be permittable if one of the 3 labour groups is set in column 2.

I know I could curate the workflow to only send the email if the labour group is in one of the 3, but I am trying to avoid data in column 3 unless truly reflective.



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