Formula for Quantifying Importance based on Priority Level and Due Date


I am looking to create a formula to help prioritizing tasks based on importance and due date. I assigned a value for the priority level as:

=SUM(IF([email protected] = "High", 6, (IF([email protected] = "Medium", 4, (IF([email protected] = "Low", 2)))))) + ______

The second part of the equation I need to have based on due date. I would like anything past the due date as a value of 6, anything on the due date to be a value of 5, anything within 4 days of the due date a value of 4, anything within 7 days but beyond 4 days to be a value of 3, and anything due beyond a week to be a value of 2.

In theory, I want the value to deem the importance so a user would then know that anything with a value of 12 is the top priority and so on.

Let me know if you can assist!



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