Alert Triggers?

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edited 03/29/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Good afternoon, everyone! I had a quick question about automation for a Smartsheet form. I set up a workflow to be triggered when a date is reached (today- 3/29) and repeating every week on Tuesday starting on 03/29 and ending on 04/13. The alert is set to go to specific people (including myself) at a specific time (9 am CST).

The workflow states that it last ran today at 9:03 am CST however, I never received the email. I have checked my Junk Email folder and the other intended recipients confirmed they never received the email as well.

My automation permissions are set to "Unrestricted" although in the workflow in the "Alert Someone" section, I have "Send to specific people" selected and I have added them from a pre-generated list of email addresses for my organization by clicking checkboxes- if that's helpful.

There are no conditions added to the workflow.

Do you have ideas on why the email reminder would not have been delivered even though the workflow ran?

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