Automation in Portfolio Rollup Sheet Not Working Properly

Katy H
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I have a portfolio rollup that is exclusively made up of cell links from all of the metadata sheets from the various projects we are tracking. In an attempt to remove the complexity of managing the project I wanted to automatically archive metadata lines from the rollup via automation.

An example of the process flow is:

  1. Change project status in the intake sheet from "In Progress" to "Remediated"
  2. That change to project status is pulled into the metadata for that project by an INDEX/MATCH formula
  3. That same change is reflected in the portfolio rollup by cell link
  4. The change in status activates an automation to send that metadata line to the "Remediated Rollup"

The workflow is not working but I am not seeing any errors with the workflow, and it isn't showing the last time it has run, my assumption is that means it has never run successfully and is likely not being triggered at all.

My concern is that a cell link doesn't actually register as a "row change" and is therefore not triggering the automation but I am unable to confirm that on the Smartsheet website nor am I able to find other similar questions in the Community.

I have added screenshots of the workflow.

Katy Hall

Head of Product Management

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