Column data not appearing in report


hi! i'm running a report without a filter to show the "themes" and "due dates" and a few other columns. the theme data is not appearing in the theme column for two of the sheets in my report. can you help please?

below you can see all 3 sheets are included:

below you can see the "theme" column is included:

below you can see the "cisl" sheet in fact has data in the theme column:

and so does the "intl" sheet:

i read another thread asking a similar question and it turned out the filter was what was causing the problem. i removed all filters to test to see if this fixed it.

the only thing i can think of is that the sheets all have forms linked to them and i have used a label on the form. ?? any ideas? TIA

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Jeff. I figured it out. In the two sheets where the data was not appearing, the "Theme" column type was different (dropdown single select) from the column type (text) of the sheet where it was appearing. I guess it's safe to say then column types must be the same across sheets for reporting to work. Weird. You'd think it'd be as simple as grabbing whatever data appears in the cell.

    Thank you again and hopefully someone else will benefit from this.