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Hello. I have a sheet with 4 columns: one is the name of the material (Material Name), the next is the quantity of that material that we have in stock (Quantity), the next one is who claimed this material (Claimed By), and then the last column is how much quantity that person claimed (Quantity Claimed). So for example, if we have 1000 feet of wire left over, someone can go and claim 500 feet of it.

I am looking for an equation or formula or just a way so that when someone puts a number in the "Quantity Claimed" column, it automatically subtracts that number from the "Quantity" column so the number in the "Quantity" is updated. Seems easy enough but I can't figure it out.

Thank you!

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    So you're going to need a helper column for Quantity. This column should contain the "Starting Quantity," and the current Quantity column could become "Available Quantity".

    In the Available Quantity column use an IF formula.

    =IF(ISNUMBER([Quantity Claimed]@row), [Starting Quantity]@row - [Quantity Claimed]@row, [Starting Quantity]@row)

    In English: If there is a number value in Quantity Claimed, subtract that value from the Starting Quantity, otherwise, just show the Starting Quantity in this cell.


    Jeff Reisman

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