New! Project Access Management for Resource Management by Smartsheet

Lekshmi Unnithan
Lekshmi Unnithan Employee
edited 07/22/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

We are excited to share that we just launched Project Access Management for Resource Management by Smartsheet. Project Access Management gives large enterprises the control they need to run successful projects. This is the first launch in a series of enhancements that we’ll be releasing this year to help customers successfully manage and execute projects at scale.

Here’s what’s included in this launch:

  1. Project Editor Permission Level - this new permission level restricts project managers to the projects they own or have been assigned to and reports are restricted to the projects they own.
  2. Project Owner Project Setting - this new property allows you to specify a point of contact for each project, which makes it easier to know who to go to when a change happens.
  3. Project Owner & Access filters - Users of the Project Portfolio, Schedule, and other screens can filter projects based on ownership or their relationship to projects.
  4. Permission Level Names Changes - These name changes in account settings make it easier to understand what each permission level can access and do in the product.

Read our blog for more information about Project Access Management and some other features that we recently released in Resource Management by Smartsheet.




  • How can I stop sharing access for all the project owners in RM for few days. I do generate report every month but at the same time I dont to chnage anything in RM. so I want to restricated them for few days.