Checkbox based workflow stopped working for no apparent reason....

rclarklong ✭✭
edited 04/27/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Do automated workflows based on changes to a checkbox column no longer work? I have tested and demoed checkbox based workflows dozens of times and never had an issue. All of a sudden an important (but very simple) checkbox based workflow no longer works at all.... it just won't get triggered no matter what I do.

Anyone else have similar issues? I have nearly identical workflows that work in the same and different sheets, so my mind is blown that the one in question just will no longer work no matter what I do. Should I abandon use of the checkbox? Is this a system wide issue or am I going insane???


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @rclarklong

    Would you be able to post more information about this specific workflow? What are you using as the trigger?

    Actions that modify a sheet (such as Change Cell, Move Row, etc) cannot be triggered by cross-sheet formulas or cell links - see the note at the bottom of this Help Article: Trigger Blocks: Define When Your Workflow is Executed

    If you manually change something to trigger the workflow, then have you tired creating a copy of the workflow to see if the new version works as expected?

    If none of this has helped, it would be useful to see a screen capture of this one workflow set up, along with an image of your sheet, but please block out sensitive data.