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I have an issue I have been trying to find a work around. I need to find a way to track or verify the alerts that go out based on the many many different automations I have setup. The alerts are being sent to a contact (not shared or collaborators) that is in a specific cell based on when a specific date or criteria is met on the sheet. As I understand there is no single place to view all alerts that go out which is very unfortunate, but I would settle for the alert also going to me. The issue I have is the setup is to send to contacts in a cell. I can't add myself to this at this point. So I would further settle even for a way to add my contact easily through an entire column to be added to the contact that is already there so we both get the alert and I can verify if the person says "I didn't get that" etc.

I am generally copying and pasting from a large excel sheet so the individuals email is there already in the cell. Any easy way to get me cc'd on all alerts going to a cell? Easy way to add me to an entire column? or is there finally a way to track alerts? I appreciate any and all help on this


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    Hi @Nick Amsler

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    Depending on your Workflow, you could add yourself after the send to cell step, or you could make a copy of the Workflow and change that one to send to you as a copy.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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