Dashboard breaks after removing an Admin (original owner/builder of Dashboard but not current)

Kayla ✭✭✭✭✭

We have a Dashboard (several Dashboards that this same behavior happens on) that was built by one person. The Ownership for the Dashboard and ALL associated items (Metrics Sheets, Reports, Source Sheets, etc.) were transferred to another person. The person who built the Dashboard originally (who is no longer the Owner of the Dashboard or any items rolling up to the Dashboard) is removed from access and most of the widgets break. If the person who built the Dashboard widgets is added back, it restores. They are removed, it breaks. 

In the past when this has happened, it's just prompted the new owner to take ownership of the widget and it works. Now, it is asking for that entire widget to be rebuilt. 

This HAS to be an issue - there is turnover for EVERY SINGLE customer of Smartsheet.

Attached screenshot shows the errors that are shown on the Dashboard when the original builder is removed from access. 

I have a support ticket put in, but the Community is usually quicker and better at responses. :)