How to filter text out in Data Shuttle

Hi everyone!

I am trying to filter out text in cells when I pull the information from Data Shuttle, but nothing else in the column gets updated. How should I do this correctly? Here's the Google sheet I'm pulling the info from:

I made the value under "Biomarker Assessments" = $2,492 so I can see if a change occurs in my target Smartsheet:

And I want Data Shuttle to not upload the words "Total Amount", so I have this:

But when I run the workflow, it does not update the target Smartsheet with anything, it keeps the original value under "Biomarker Assessments" at $2,490 instead of updating to $2,492.

I know I must be configuring this incorrectly, but the different ways I have tried to fix it have not been successful. I appreciate the help in advance!