Copy rows automation (cross-sheet formulas involved)

I'm creating a semiautonomous preventative maintenance ticketing system (fleet oil changes, tire rotations, etc.) that copies rows to a sheet for our mechanic based on when a piece of equipment needs the service.

The copy row automation is set to trigger when the mileage gets within 150 miles of scheduled service miles. However, the workflow never triggers.

Note...mileage is pulled from a separate sheet so there are cross-sheet formulas involved. Every time the vehicle is refueled, the operator enters the current mileage (through a form) on an expense sheet (mileage source sheet).

Also note...when mechanic completes the service (i.e. oil change), he add the current mileage at the time of service (This is also a cross-sheet formula). This is used to get the mileage for the next service (see attached).