Can I trigger an automation based on the completion of an update request?

I currently have a workflow in place which allows for both approval requests and update requests, but at two stages of the process, the approval request and update request fire off at the same time. The correct order would be for the approval request to process when the update request is complete. I have thought of adding a helper column (an Update Status column). I can automate the change in status to "in progress' in this helper column to indicate the update request is in progress, and now I need to find a way to change the status to "complete" when the update request has been completed, so that I can use a condition in the original workflow to then have the approval request kick off.

a) Is it possible to use the completion of the update request to trigger a cell value change?


b) This there a better way to have the approval request fire only when the update request is complete (preferably without breaking the original workflow)?

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