Best Practice: Enterprise Sharing with SysAdmin?

My organization has an EPMO and as we roll out Smartsheet, the question has come up that if someone creates a new workspace they don't have to share it with the SysAdmin. Has anyone developed some standard in their organization that 'requires SysAdmin sharing' even as a viewer only?

If so, do you have any examples of the verbiage you use or the practice that you implemented? Our need for this is so that the Smartsheet workspaces do not get out of control.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Diane Newton

    There currently isn't a way to set sharing permissions across your entire account to ensure that all workspaces are shared with one contact.

    However, at any time a System Admin can download a Sheet Access Report which will identify all the Smartsheet items associated with your organization, whether or not that Admin is shared. One of the columns in this report is Workspaces, so it would be easy to quickly identify if this Admin has access to all the Workspaces currently in the account, and if not, reach out to the Owner to ask to be shared.

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