How to score Community Points and Badges

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
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We see points and badges in your future…

Join in and start engaging on the Smartsheet Community platform and you’ll see them accumulating in no time! 

Points and Badges are our way of saying thanks and recognizing you for being an active, supportive and engaged member of the Community. You’ll earn Points and Badges when: 

  • You provide an answer to a question
  • Someone else accepts your answer as the right solution 
  • When you engage with others by tagging them in a post

You also receive points when users mark your discussions and posts as Insightful or Upvote them, so make them great! 

NOTE: Asking a question does not give you points - we had to make it a bit more interesting for you! Your post will need to have others react positively to it (such as with an Insightful or Upvote reaction) to receive points. The more reactions your post receives, the more likely it is to end up on the Best Of page as well.

You can see the full list of available badges here.

You’ll also receive Badges for select action milestones and as you accumulate more Points you’ll achieve different ranks within the Community. When you hit key milestones, you may even become eligible to win Smartsheet swag! 😍

We’ll not only be highlighting weekly leaders across the site but your ranking will help unlock new functionality and features on the platform, like Direct Messaging.

Many Badges will be automatically assigned to you once you complete an action or set of actions, but you can also request a badge following these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Community
  2. Click on the Badge that appears within another Community Member's profile/or on the Badge Library 
  3. On the Badge page, click the Request This Badge button 
  4. In the window that appears, type a note to our team and click Send Request

Questions? Drop them in the comments below!


  • If I earned a variety of badges from previous companies, and my previous Community profiles were linked to those email addresses, can I request a 'migration' of all badges to my current profile from the previous profiles?

    I dont remember all the badges I had, so it would be hard to go and request all the badges again.


  • In a similar situation as @Matthew_Lanterman. I left my previous job in Nov. 2021 and have been using the product since 2017 maybe late 2016. Can my profiles be linked?

    I subject requests for some badges. There were others that the request button wasn't available.

    • product certified 2019
    • Engage 2018, 2019
    • EAP at previous employer

    Thank you

    Meg Young, MS, PMP, CSM (Pronouns: she, her, hers)