More than I normally share :-)

Aaron Manley
Aaron Manley Overachievers

Hey everyone. This is encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone some (I'm an introvert by nature), which is good since I really should post more in this community.

I'm an Engineer in the natural gas industry which I feel like is maybe an outlier in the Smartsheet community. I went to Engage in 2019 and I saw a ton of different companies represented and did not see any in the energy industry, and honestly haven't really since. So I'd be curious to know how many others in a similar field as mine are using Smartsheet.

I've been using Smartsheet for about 5 years, doing anything from tracking equipment, ticketing systems for quality, and for the last 3 years have built a cradle-to-grave solution for construction metrics across our entire portfolio. I'm often referred to in our company as the Smartsheet guru as I love a challenge and finding new ways and solutions to do things in Smartsheet. So I have much to share, and will need to post more in this show & tell when I find some time. But I feel absolutely blessed that I get to work in Smartsheet all the time, which is truly something I love to do.

Hobbies... hmmm. My big three, are grilling, glamping, and gaming (board games) (we call them the three G's).

The Hasty Bake charcoal grill/smoker hard at work. Nothing beats a Hasty (sorry I'm biased).

It's excessive, I know (we even brought the grill with us lol). But it's so fun, and the kids love it.

This is an old picture, so we have many more games than this now. But we absolutely love playing and finding new board games.

I also, have a 1978 classic mini that I like to tinker with when I have time.

However, these days most of my time is spent with my four kiddos and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Wow, thanks for letting me get all that out there. That's more than I would normally share, but hopefully I'll find some others in a similar field as mine or with similar interests.


  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Aaron.

    I too have become my company's Smartsheet guru - three people referred to me as that last week, lol.

    That's a great looking table. Did you build it yourself? I am considering building a replacement for our kitchen table.

    I started doing some wood finishing a few years ago, building simple things like shelves and a mirror frame, then the biggest project so far was a 8' wide x 5.5' high TV surround and matching floating AV shelf. I needed to go big since this is on a 17.5' high wall. It sits 3/4" off the wall, with remote controlled LED strips on the back around the edges facing the wall - great for team colors while watching sports. Last year I channeled my inner HGTV and did a shiplap wall as part of renovating our basement bathroom.


    Jeff Reisman

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  • Alison Clancy
    Alison Clancy Employee Admin

    We feel #blessed to have you in this Community, @Aaron Manley! Also, huge fan of glamping, we just had this conversation in the last Overachievers meetup this week about who was a camper vs. a glamper.