Cell Link Breaking when provisioning project in Control Center

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I'm trying to create the following workflow and I'm having trouble:

After provisioning a project in Control Center my team goes onto one of the project sheets called "Items Needed" and check off items that need to be purchased. The rows that they check off get copied over to a "Purchasing" sheet. This sheet lives outside of control center so that I don't have to set up the automation for each project provisioned. Once the purchasing department places the order, they put in the date they places the order, when the order arrives etc... onto the "Purchasing" sheet.

I want the "Items needed" sheet to do a Index/Match and pull in the dates the order was placed/received so that while we are working on a project we can see where our items are holding. However, after provisioning a project, the cell links breaks and the Index/Match don't work.

Please note: It's NOT an option to select the items needed on the intake sheet before the project gets provisioned. It's also NOT an option to have a separate "Purchasing" sheet per project as I don't want to be busy setting up the automation for every project that's provisioned.

Thank you!


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    Hi @Automations 1

    You should be able to have an Index(Match formula set up to look at an external sheet and stay linked to that sheet with new provisions.

    When you say that the "cell links break", can you clarify what's happening? Do you receive an error message, or do you need to reconfigure the cross-sheet ranges to point to the correct external sheet? It would be helpful to see screen captures of your set-up and sheets, but please block out sensitive data.