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Emoji Icon Viewable When Printing to PDF


Using emojis is a game changer for tracking data and keeping data clutter to a minimum. However, in some cases, we still need to keep physical copies regularly for the sake of archives.

The Issue: When printing the sheet to pdf, the emojis used do not appear.

I've created a sample that does not use any confidential or non-secure data.

Screenshot 1: Showing the emojis do indeed appear on the grid view

Screenshot 2: Showing the print to PDF settings

Screenshot 3: Showing the actual result

The one arrow does still appear albeit with different formatting, which I suspect is because Smartsheet is able to still "understand" it via text. However, the Bandage, Recycle, and Money Bag do not appear.

The Potential Solution: I would love to see this addressed- it would decrease the amount of "visual noise" as I like to call it, and condense the overall size of the Grids.

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