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I'm new to Smartsheet and trying my best to learn so please be patient with me. We are a small company and are starting to properly organize our team using Smartsheet and TeamWork but we're running into a wall.

My boss found out that if you link TeamWork together they both share co-dependence meaning that if you edit the Gannt chart in Smartsheet the task duration relevant will change in TeamWork and the other way around, if you change the duration of a task in TeamWork that will be presented on the Smartsheet as well but he doesn't want that to happen, he wants Smartsheet to be the ''parent'' meaning that if we change something in Teamwork that won't change anything in the Smartsheet.

This means we will have to do the Gantt chart in Smartsheet and then manually do it again in TeamWork and with how production usually goes, at the end of the project, the TeamWork calendar will look nothing like the original Gantt chart plus cause much trouble to the producers with knowing what has happened, what dates are final and all.

Is there any way that you can, for example, export the Smartsheet sheet and then import it to Teamwork (This way at least we won't have to create the task all over manually) or maybe edit dependency on the linked programs to make it so Smartsheet is the parent?

I tried to look online but I didn't find anything so this would help me a lot! I just want to help my team, thanks for your help,



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Clara González,

    Smartsheet does not currently support any integration with TeamWork but I was able to find this which is supported by the TeamWork team and that only seems to allow bi-directional workflows as you mention.

    If you or any other internal resource in your company has sufficient technical knowledge about APIs, documentation about Smartsheet one is available here which can be of help to create an integration that fulfils your needs.

    Alternatively, you may export Smartsheet data in various formats which might be compatible to do TeamWork imports. Note, however, that exporting to Excel won't preserve the Gantt chart. I also found that Zapier has some zaps to automate work between both apps. Here are all supported connections.

    I hope this can offer some insights and ideas to help you streamline your work with both applications.