Automation Error


Not sure if this is the right place for an automation error or not. I have previously asked about returning a value once (not sure if my link would work for everyone or not). I was able to get it to work with a metrics sheet, a helper column, and a copy rows automation. However, the ID I used for that one, is only valid for the ongoing project I tested it on. I tried to change it to another identifier for our other projects that have a start and end date.

Unfortunately, I kept running into errors. I thought I had finally gotten it all worked out, but I realized the automation was blocked. I attempted to make every sheet standard, which meant hiding columns in any project that doesn't need it. That way our ongoing can be pulled in with other projects for reporting. I've never gotten this error before though. The system columns were the same so I even tried to change that in the metrics sheet, but no luck. I have searched online and can't seem to find any information on actually fixing it. I think I found one that said to rename them, which I did.


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