Automatic Cell Linking From Blueprint Template


I have an overall sheet that links to information in each project sheet to analyze the data. Instead of doing this manually is there a way to have all the information automatically linked in from new projects when the template is used? This is more than just a specific item (such as the intake sheet) - this would be all 3 columns that I have in another sheet.

What I've done is create a list on each project of the resources, hours, and which portfolio the project is in. This is used for individual charts within those projects. What I want to do though is pull this information into an overall spreadsheet so that we can create charts to view all projects/portfolios at once. Right now I have an overall sheet that we have to manually go in and create cell links to these individual sheets for each project. Is there a way to use the control center blueprint to create links these columns into the main sheet atuomatically?

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