Reports from Multiple Sheets with a common element


Is there a way to use a report to "combine" information from 2 sheets based on a common identifier (i.e. unique project number)? I have my main data table that has a lot of columns already. One group would like me to add additional fields that could add 100+ columns to the sheet. That would significantly reduce the number of rows I will eventually have and won't be used by other groups. I would like to put those columns on a different sheet and potentially use a report for them to pull the data together and eventually generate a document from the information from essentially both sheets. I use the INDEX MATCH on Sheets for cross referencing but was hoping that I could do something with a report. (Example: Sheet A has 100 columns of data, one of which is RCCA# which is unique. Sheet B has 50 columns of data including the same RCCA# in Sheet A. A report pulls elements of RCCA# from both Sheet A and Sheet B on one row of information.)

Thanks you.

Amy Bedard - Spirit Aerosystems