Can you copy a row onto the current sheet

I have a sheet which collects technical writing requests. I would like to be able to copy some of the rows over if the request will end up be iterative. So we have some requests that occur once every month. We don't want to the requester to have to re-enter the same information each month. We were thinking the Tech Writer could mark the line item as Iterative and Closed and thereby a duplicate row would be created for the next month's work. Is that possible?


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    @JeremiahHorstick has developed a solution for this originally from this thread

    The below is an exact copy and paste from Jeremiah


    Two Methods:

    1 Sheet (Formula Method)

    This method assumes the frequency is consistent regardless of the last occurrence.

    We used an array of date formulas to have recurring tasks fall on a specific day of the week, 1st of the month every month, or last of the month every month.

    Published Example:

    We simply reset this annually.

    2 Sheets (Automation & Last Occurrence relevant)

    We did this using two (2) sheets.

    The first sheet lists the recurring tasks.

    The second sheet contains the actual tasks.

    The first sheet looks up the last (MAX) recurring task on the 2nd sheet

    If the last recurring task is done a daily automation adds a new occurrence to the second sheet with a start date of the last occurrence + the frequency of the recurrence.

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