How can I create a dashboard that shows updated information from an Automation pull?

Hi All,

I have been using Smartsheet for about 5 months and I have run into an issue that I cannot solve.

I am trying to show a stacked bar chart on a dashboard that uses the count of Not started, In progress, and Completed on the Y axis and Work week on the X axis.

I have created a workflow that pulls the count of each three topics each day at a certain time onto a separate grid. Additionally, on that separate grid, I have an additional workflow that adds a date whenever there is new information added. This helps me track which count of each topic is for which day. Lastly, I am using a vlookup to identify which Work week it is based upon the date entered.

The issue I am running into is when I am trying to create the chart. When choosing my cells to reference for the stacked bar chart, it only pulls the cells that have data. I am wanting to have the cell reference range be up to 53 rows (hence 53 work weeks).

What I am trying to accomplish is to not have to update the stacked bar chart every week once the workflow populates the new count of topics.

Any ideas? Thanks

This is an example of what I am trying to achieve.