Miro integration for Smartsheet now generally available!


Hi Community, 

Our newest integration with Miro combines the flexibility of a virtual whiteboard with the work management and automation capabilities of the Smartsheet platform. 

We have partnered to build an integration which allows you to convert sticky notes in Miro to rows within Smartsheet as well as import rows from Smartsheet to a Miro board as cards. Once linked, data will be bi-directionally synced between Smartsheet and Miro with changes reflected in real-time on both platforms.

Available for unlicensed and licensed users on Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. 

To get started, visit Miro Marketplace

For additional questions, check out the Help Article.  

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Emily Davenport



  • AB200001
    AB200001 ✭✭
    edited 11/09/22

    This doesn't seem to work for me. I go through the process to import a row and it seems like it works but then I can't see any new stickies in Miro - where do they go?