How can I notify staff when an assignment in a contact column changes?

I have a sheet set up with a contact column so I can assign staff to a request. This assignment is automatically triggered based on request type. When the staff are assigned to the new row, I set up an automation to notify them via email of the request. This is working well.

However, sometimes the assignment is changed manually depending on workload. When the assignment in the contact column is changed, it is not triggering the notification to the new assignee letting them know they have been assigned. I have a screenshot of my automation. Is there a trick to triggering a notification when the contact row is changed rather than added?

The second automation in the screenshot is what I established to notify staff of a new assignment, and that one is working when the row is first added. I tried adding the top automation to address changes, thinking I could set up a notification for each staff, but that didn't work either. Can anyone see a reason this automation isn't working for changing as assignment?

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  • katiemcmahon
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    @Jeff Reisman @Andrée Starå Thank you all for helping me, turns out it was user error. The assignment automation was running anytime a row was added or changed - this was reverting the assignment when it was changed. I have fixed that to run only when rows are added, and now the email notifications are coming through as expected. I appreciate your help even though it was my own fault in the end!