Smartsheet Automation not triggering/takes forever to trigger

Jess Bowles
Jess Bowles ✭✭✭
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We use smartsheets to keep track of and automate our Inventory Adjustment Process. When an adjustment is complete it is supposed to send confirmation to the person who handled the request, but this is often not happening for hours after they complete the row, and occasionally doesn't happen at all!

I have attached images of the automation and sheet rows that are not updating.

Essentially, when the row changes and is marked complete, and [Date sent to handler] is not blank, send confirmation to handler and mark a date in the [handler received confirmation] field.

This is not the only sheet that has struggled to complete automation, can anyone explain why?

This is the automation that is supposed to date the "date adjustment complete" field. As you can see it has not run but there is no reason why.


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