2 Workflows Being Triggered When Only 1 Should Be

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Good afternoon!

I have a use case where when a new record is created and the "team leader" field changes from blank to populated, I want to send an alert to someone. I want to send a separate alert when the "team leader" field value changes.

On first glance, I thought I would easily set two separate workflows up, one with the trigger being "when rows are added" and the other being "when rows are changed", but adding new records is triggering both workflows. Any thoughts on how to make sure new records trigger only the "new record" workflow? Thanks!


  • KT_H
    KT_H ✭✭✭

    To clarify, you want to send one alert when a new row is added and team leader changes from blank to populated. And a second when any changes to team leader are made?

    How is this data being populated into the sheet? Via a form? Often times I find that added and changed triggers can accidentally get triggered separately if data is entered in the sheet directly. Which may just mean you need to change the trigger or add in some conditions to prevent the notifications from sending prematurely.

    To prevent this from happening I would recommend creating a checkbox or date column to create a physical record that the first notification was sent already. For the sake of this example, let's call that column "Team Leader New Record Sent" and we will make it a date column.

    1. Team Leader New Record:
      1. Trigger - when rows are added or changed (keep trigger open ended when any field changes)
      2. Condition - Team Leader is not blank, Team Leader New Record Sent is blank.
      3. Select an Action - Send the alert, add a new action to record date under the "Team Leader New Record Sent" column.
    2. Team Leader Change Trigger: for this one, keep your existing trigger and add a condition that looks for a blank date under the Team Leader New Record Sent column.

    I hope this makes sense!