So I created a custom workflow to send yearly to my vendors to inform them of audit. However, when I troubleshoot, the email sends multiple rows to each user instead of their assigned row.


I have the message set up to pull column information into the message such as name, audit dates, and company name to send to User 1. When the email sends instead of user 1 just getting information that pertains to user 1. They receive the same automated message 216 times for all 216 users. Is there any way to get only information from line 1 to send to user 1 and line to to user 2 and so on and so forth, without creating individual smartsheets?


  • KT_H
    KT_H ✭✭✭

    @Nackle I think we would need to see the automation you built out to provide specific feedback, but here are some suggestions for troubleshooting the issue.

    It sounds like your action may not be sending to only User 1 by using a contact column. Can you confirm that your alert is sending only to contacts in a cell, and that the correct column has been selected?