Sign in with Smartsheet for Resource Management is now live!

Adam Lang
Adam Lang Employee
edited 10/27/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

This new feature allows users to sign in to Resource Management by Smartsheet using their Smartsheet credentials. This means that organizations using Smartsheet and Resource Management by Smartsheet can use a single login to access both products.

One important thing to call out is that even though the login button appears on the screen, end users will not be able to use this login method until an RM Admin has activated Smartsheet Authentication in Resource Management Account Settings.

We highly encourage RM Admins to read this help article before activating this new sign in method for their users.

Plan/Advance Eligibility: 

Pro, Business, Enterprise or Smartsheet Advance (must add on Resource Management by Smartsheet to all plans)


Available for employees in the US and EU commercial instances.

You can see it live by visiting the Resource Management by Smartsheet login page

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