Automation triggered to send to contacts in a cell, but it's still sending to me.


I have an automation set up so that when a rows are added or change and a box is checked it triggers the automation to send to contacts in a cell. However, I keep getting notifications sent to me for one of the triggers, but my email is no longer listed. I wanted to test my automation with my own email first to make sure I liked how it looked, etc. Once I'm satisfied then I switch who it's sent to. My email is not listed as a contact in any cells. I have not continued to check/uncheck the boxes for the trigger, but each time I save my sheet it's sending me an update.

  1. I just want to make sure this notification is getting sent to who I need it to.
  2. I also don't want to have sent it to the same person multiple times at this point.

Any ideas why it won't stop sending to me even though my email isn't listed there? It's possible I have competing automations, but even the other automations don't have my email listed.