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Forms Logic in GOV instance of Smartsheet

Smartsheet Gov does not currently offers forms logic. Having the ability to use logic would be highly beneficial for so many intake processes I do on a daily basis. Instead I am forced to use Microsoft Forms since that functionality exists.

I don't like using Microsoft Forms! Please add Forms Logic to Smartsheet Gov.

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  • vdemattei
    vdemattei ✭✭✭
    edited 08/25/23

    What logic are you referring to? Smartsheet forms does provide logic. I'm not using Smartsheet Gov, but I can't imagine it would exist for basic Smartsheet accounts, but not Gov.

    When editing your form, on the right side, it defaults to "Field". But you can switch over to "Logic" and click add Logic. I utilize this functionality quite often with forms.

    Is there something specific within this functionality that is missing for your purposes?

  • Unfortunately SmartsheetGov does not have all of the cool bells and whistle that Smartsheet has. This has caused me to have to rely on Microsoft Power Platform alot more than I would like. I love the simplicity of creating powerful solutions in Smartsheet but without basic functions such as Forms Logic, there's really not a compelling reason to use them in the government space. I really hope that changes sooner rather than later.

  • vdemattei
    vdemattei ✭✭✭

    Oh, interesting. That seems odd that the "Gov" version would have less functions than the basic version. I hope they fix that!