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Changing the "Contact" function (Global Variable Please?)



Presently, I am attempting to generate a productivity report regarding employee projects and workflows. I have utilized the Contact feature, as I'm only tracking/assigning tasks for Management level. No other users will use this or see it.

However, we are unable to presently store sheet-specific data, as smartsheets treats it as a local variable. Meaning, If i want to see what X employee did on Y sheet. I'm unable to because it wasn't built for that kind of functionality.

My proposal, is reasonable and wouldn't take many developer hours to implement. I would like to request "Contacts" to become a "Global Variable" that we can utilize on a global scale, rather than a local/sheet level.

I understand users + licences. However, I shouldn't be expected to pay for licences so I can store data the same way real human users store data. We should have a virtual option as well, and my proposal hits that option perfectly.

I appreciate your willingness to hear new ideas, and I hope you consider mine.

Warm Regards,

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