What are other alternatives to Bridge by Smartsheet?

Hi SS Community,

I have a major project in which I am responsible for managing and overseeing shipping and tracking of parts going to other countries from our facility. I have talked to my team about Bridge, but it seems the cost is quite steep at this time and proposed searching for an alternative that we can use in conjunction with SS. I need something that will provide autmated shipping updates through the freight carrier we use (DHL, Unique) to the main tracking sheet in SS. Obviously I would love to stick to a SS product, but sometimes it just doesn't fit the budget. I'm hoping some of you may have been in similar situations and found a solution! Please share any suggestiions you have, I'd appreciate it!





  • Louis Raoul
    Louis Raoul ✭✭✭✭


    I understand your budget problem as I have kind of the same.

    I'm using Knime to help me doing this and it works nicely for us to link Excel and Smartsheet or even directly from dbase to SS.