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Control Centre Automatic Move Automation Rerouting


I have a Control Centre Blueprint that contains two sheets, let's call them Sheet A and Sheet B. Sheet A has a Move Automation that sends the row to Sheet B. I would like it to be that when Control Centre provisions a new set of sheets, let's call them Sheet A' and Sheet B', the provisioned automation on Sheet A' automatically sends to Sheet B' instead of the original Sheet B. As it stands, I have to go in manually after the fact and correct the automation, which is quite an obnoxious task to have to babysit.

I will take any fix here, we use a lot of copy/move automations.

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  • Neil Egsgard
    Neil Egsgard ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is needed to maintain trends for a changing project. I want to copy the project summary line to a Project History sheet so we can graph trends in earned variance for costs and schedule.