How to copy a column data of a source sheet to a target sheet.

Hi All,

Step1 - I would like to copy the column data in a source sheet to a target sheet.

Step 2- After the data is filled in the target sheet column, I will then run a data mesh config to pull the rest of the column data by matching a data I copied in step 1.

Below is some screenshots of the sheets:

Coulmn114 data is coming from a formula which I have : =IF([Move to MPS]@row = 1, [Project Number]@row + " " + [Manufacture Location]@row, "")

Thanks in advance 😊

Krunal Amin

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    Hi Andree,

    Seems like I have got a solution for myself using Data Shuttle option.

    I achieved this using Data Shuttle. I used the below steps:

    • Create an Offload Workflow to export the data
    • When creating the data, you will notice there is an option to offload information based on a filter - such as 'Column114'
    • Data Shuttle will create a file in SharePoint/OneDrive/Google Drive/Box
    • Use that file, to create an Upload workflow to Smartsheet

    You will be able to make a file that will contain only specific fields, and enable you to add additional columns.

    Thanks for your help anyways.


    Krunal Amin